Trusted Care.


"Irene looks after my Dad’s dental needs. He has Dementia and lives in a Care Facility. She is wonderful with him and he’s always happy with her! Also, with the Pandemic, she takes EVERY possible precaution. I would recommend her to everyone!"

— Linda

"Irene is doing a great service, providing our mother with in-home dental care, and a complete and detailed update to us after each visit. Good peace of mind!"

- Stephen

"Irene from iSmile was able to provide professional mobile dental services to my Mom who is not mobile and currently residing in Long Term Care. She is an excellent hygienist and was very thorough, gentle and explained every step she took during the appointment. We are very pleased with Irene’s mobile dental service and plan to continue with her services. We highly recommend iSmile and thank you for the exceptional mobile dental services."

- Norah


"Irene of iSmile attended my dementia challenged Mom's dental needs with patience and grace. She was gentle, thorough, meticulous to detail. She manages each visit with exemplary preparations and more so during this Covid pandemic. Very pleased with her mobile dental service. I highly recommend iSmile."

- Catherine


"My wife, a nursing home resident with full cognitive capacity, said that Irene was the best hygienist she ever has had. Irene was thorough, gentle, and explained every step she took. We are very pleased and happy with Irene's approach and competence, and we expect to continue her services on a quarterly basis. Thanks also to iSmile Ottawa for the mobile dental services."

- Barry


"Now that my mother's fulltime in a wheelchair, it's nearly impossible to travel safely with her to the dentist's office. But her regular dentist had virtually given up on her oral care anyway. So much so that he'd recommended having all her remaining teeth pulled, at age 90!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Until Irene arrived, we didn't even know that other dental options existed for seniors' care.


Not only did Irene treat Mum to professional dental care in the safety of her own room, she had other treatment options. The best I can describe it as is palliative dental care. Irene offered progressive treatments to slow the advanced decay of my mother's teeth that did not involve extractions or even drilling. With every three month cleanings, she will help maintain Mum's oral health, without inflicting pain."